Day 80

The Shake craze

I’m probably going to take a little heat for this one, but the whole point of my 12 week transformation blog is to show that you don’t need magic shakes, or pills or fancy machines to get in shape, so here goes!

I use facebook  a lot as many people do these days.  I have several friends that post recipes for their Visalus shakes, try to get you to join their challenge, (aka buy shake mix from them), or post pictures everyday of someone that has completed the challenge and lost a lot of weight (99% of the time the pictures are of people they’ve never actually met).  I’ve had people include me in their Visalus groups (which I’ve promptly left),  and several people message me directly and tell me since I’m on a “fitness kick”,  I really need to try their shakes.

Now, I’m all for people getting in shape and losing weight, but my attitude towards fitness is based around doing it the natural way,  putting in a little work with diet and exercise, and getting results on your own.  Again, my whole reason for starting my blog (which I’m guessing none of these people read or they wouldn’t bother trying to suck me in) is to show that you don’t need products like this to get results.

I will give credit to one of my friends doing the Visalus challenge.  A girl I went to school with is trying to lose some weight after having kids and she’s actually doing amazing and dropping weight like crazy.  The last time I touched base with her she was down 19lbs in just 2 months  She’s actually the only one that’s never tried to push the shakes on me as well.  The thing is though, she’s constantly in the gym and maintains a very strict diet as well, so her success can hardly be credited to the shakes.

I don’t mean to be negative strictly towards Visalus, (it’s just the easiest to pick on right now because there’s so many people obsessed with it) I’m just negative toward the whole way things like this are marketed.  The title I see on everyone’s pictures is, “so and so lost 30lbs by drinking just 2 shakes a day”.  Yeah sure they did. (insert sarcasm here)  I don’t doubt that they lost the 30lbs, but I doubt they did it by simply drinking 2 shakes a day.  They did it by following a strict diet along with an exercise plan I’m sure.

I personally don’t like the idea of drinking calories anyway because I don’t find they keep me full.  I only use protein shakes of any brand if I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to cook that meal’s worth of protein.  While dieting I really only drink water and the odd diet pop if I need flavour.  If I’m limiting myself to 2200 calories a day, I want to get as many of those calories as possible from food which will keep me full!  Maybe I should agree to go to one of these Visalus meetings and show up with some fish and chicken breast and show everyone how you can get better nutrition and results from real food!

Looks like I’m not alone with my thinking that the shakes aren’t the answer to everyone’s diet problems.  Here’s an article I found while snooping around a bit

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